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Happy Friday the 13th: The Mystery of Negative Framing

I’ve always been drawn to the intrigue of mystery, thrillers, and the intersections of life when the world goes a bit dark. I love “ Silence of the Lambs, ” I’ve read most of James Patterson ’s Alex Cross series , and I can’t wait for Halloween to arrive so we can visit a haunted house or two. That makes it lots of fun when Friday the 13 th rolls around. Today, on this Friday the 13 th , I woke up thinking less about darkness we might seek out for fun, and more about the darkness that each of our minds can create with negative framing.   I recently had a few business trips for speaking engagements. During my time at the Filene Research Institute, I used to travel weekly. In my role at Canvas, I am not traveling nearly as much as I once was. While traveling can be taxing, when I traveled a lot, I had a routine that was fairly well-tuned. I packed well. My parking or Ubering was finely honed. When things went awry with flights, I had a good sense of when to respond, how to respond