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If you think you might not be enough: Make more pie.

On this day after National Pi Day, I reflect on a woman in my life who really loved pie, my grandma Edith. She had a famous saying, “The dessert tube is always open.” What she meant was that no matter what time of day or how full you might be, there’s always space and a place for sweets. She loved pie. She loved Hershey’s chocolate bars with almonds. She especially loved a Frosty from Wendy’s. There weren’t a lot of desserts she didn’t love. Her love for desserts was well grounded. When my Great-great-great Aunt Edith (known as Aunt Edie all my life and yes, that’s three greats) was about to marry my Great-great-great Uncle Flemming (known as Uncle Flem), his mother let him know that marrying Aunt Edie would be a problem. My Aunt Edie was a teacher and the concern her, soon-to-be, mother-in-law had was that Edie would not provide enough pies for Flem. He loved pies and his mother wanted to be sure he would still have pie to enjoy. This incredible woman rose to the challenge

My wish for you, my sweet girl, on International Women’s Day

Dearest MacKenzie, I have a secret that I rarely share. When you were in my belly, I wished with all my might that you’d be a girl. I realize that’s not the right thing to do. Your daddy and I worked hard to conceive and I knew in my brain that the right thing was to only consider your health and not your gender. I couldn’t do it. The day we found out you were a girl, my dreams for you grew exponentially. The truth is, I love human beings. Gender has no bearing on the depth of my passion for the incredible people who make this world so complex, interesting and challenging. But, I also have a special place in my heart for the women who have stood next to me, pushed behind me, pulled me forward kicking and screaming and whispered support. Your mother hasn’t always chosen an easy path. I fell in love with credit unions and the difference they could make, the potential to change lives. Each day I push hard. I challenge myself and the people around me to create the positive im