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A House is a House is a Home

I have officially been on the ground in Colorado for one week. It has been a whirlwind week of finding Target and the grocery store, remembering where the restroom is, getting to know my new work family, exploring strategy with our business partners, and establishing new routines in my new home state. Already I am thrilled with so many things, not the least of which is the bright sun and warmer weather. However, my heart has a constant ache as my family is still in Madison.
In order to ensure we have a home when they head this way in June once school wraps for MacKenzie, I spent yesterday with a realtor, Nicole, exploring 20 homes. Nicole kindly asked me earlier in the week if I really wanted to see that many places. She was willing to do it but wondered if we might narrow things a bit. I shared criteria including good schools for MacKenzie, a desire for an updated kitchen and bathrooms, a relatively short commute to our offices, and the possibility of more established neighborhoods w…

I'm Back with A Love Letter to Mad City