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Whatever you do, don't do what this sign says

As we are in the thick of rebranding from Public Service Credit Union to Canvas Credit Union, I’ve spent many hours over the last few months focused on signs of all kinds. The Five Man Electrical Band said it best, “Signs, signs, everywhere signs.” Even before the rebranding effort, I found signs fascinating. Signs give signals and historical context. Of course, they give direction and the story behind many signs illuminates human behavior that was dangerous or actions that if not stopped could cause someone harm. Generally, these kinds signs cause us to feel a mixture of alarm and gratitude. That was my exact feeling with both of these signs. One I saw last year in Orlando and one I came upon here in Colorado (and have subsequently learned are quite common).   Other signs tell a much different story. They tell the tale of behavior that caused someone else frustration or hassle. They also give insight into the people that placed the s